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Fun Fact:

The original idea for contact lenses was developed by Leonardo DaVinci in 1508.

DaVinci was a prolific inventor and contacts were one of many ideas he sketched and described in detail. It took dozens of subsequent scientists and innovators to realize his vision for vision, so to speak.

500+ years later, contacts are worn by millions of people world-wide. Thank you, Leo!

Dr. Doll's Contact Lens Gadget:

Need help remembering when to change your 14 or 30-day extended wear contact lenses? Check out this handy desktop gadget!
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How it works:

1) Download Google Desktop:

2) Restart your computer.

3) Download Dr. Doll's Contact Lens Reminder from Google Gadgets.
Click on the download and your gadget will be installed. (Windows and Mac) Tell the gadget whether your contacts are 14 or 30-day extended wear lenses and the gadget will remind you when it is time to change them.

One less thing to think about!